Goodbye Homecoming Queen… Hello Fashion Blog Queen…

Do you have a favorite day of the week… Week of the month… Month of the year…? What about season?

I absolutely LOVE autumn.

One reason would surly be because of my birth month, (October #LibraBaby), but the main reason of why I love the Fall is because of how nature begins to change right before our eyes.

As I drive to work each morning, the scenery is breathtaking. The trees have lost their luscious green leaves, and have been draped with yellows, and oranges, and REDZ… 🙂 The warm evenings have been replaced with chilly nights, and when we make a midnight trip, we are covered with beautiful coats, jackets, and scarves. Browns, burgundies, maroons, golds, oranges, navys, greens, and purples come out of our closets and make their presence known…purple1Autumn brings much more than just cool weather, it brings with it many activities. Fall festivals, fairs, carnivals, and a favorite of mine… Homecoming Celebrations.

Whether it is your former high school, your past college, or your church, you can bet it will be in September, October, or November.

As a recent college graduate, and a newly employed teacher, I was INspired by all of the Homecoming festivities going on, and in the midst of my hectic life, I was able to snap a few pics.  (Disclaimer: I know this post is long overdue, and many Homecomings have passed, but in my defense, my friend’s church is having a Homecoming Celebration this Sunday… So boom… lol… take that)

With no further waiting, I present to you Mrs. Clark Gent… “The FashionBlog Queen”..ppl3ppl4Our 2013 “FashionBlog Queen” is none other that Mrs. Gent herself… She is a 2013 graduate of Spring Hill College, a member of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Inc., and an Economics teacher at Wilcox Central High School. Along with teaching, she is the cheerleader sponsor, as well as a senior class sponsor. In her spare time, she INjoys reading, making arts and crafts, and shopping. Today she is wearing a fitted Purple knee-length dress (JCPenny), paired a pair Black platform strapped heels (Charlotte Russe) and Coral clutch (Target). Accessories include a necklace and earring Pear Set (Mommy) and  Purple and Black feathered hair piece (Dirt Cheap). When asked for a quote, she replied,  “I have arrived…” *In my NeNe Leaks voice… 🙂 Ladies and gents, it is our pleasure to present  Mrs. Clark Gent, your “FashionBlog Queen”.

*takes bow :)

*takes bow 🙂

A Message from the Queen…

Since I began this new journey in life, I’ve found myself becoming closer to God. Daily morning prayers and praise and worship services in my car have become a new habit. At one point in time it was impossible for me to believe that you could have a REAL relationship with God without going to church… But Mr. Wills has began to show me otherwise. It’s great to be able to go to the building, but just be sure that when you go to the building, your praise is REAL…

Continue to be great… Continue to be bold… Continue to be that one who is an inspiration to individuals young, and even old…

Happy Fall my loves…

Until next time, kisses and more…



Plum Passion…

From where do you draw your inspiration for dressing?

Maybe nature? Magazines? Celebrities? I find my inspiration for fashion everywhere, and recently, while eating a delicious, juicy, purple plum, I felt the urge to play with the different shades of my favorite color.


Every since I was a little girl, purple has been my favorite color. Do I have a grand explanation of why???? No, not at all, I’ve just always loved the richness of the color. Whether it is lavender, egg plant, violet, or orchid, I am simply in love with the color. It may have something to do with the “Purple is a symbol of Royalty” thing…. We all know I am a Queen… drama queen maybe, but a Queen none the less…  🙂

Purple Lady 2 Purple Lady 1

IMG_20130709_175619 IMG_20130709_175554

Life has been kicking my butt lately, but I have not loss my faith. My drive, determination, and will to be great is still alive, and each day I continue to be INcouraged. I say that to say I have not forgot about my blog, and although I’ve been neglecting it, that ends today. The smile in these photos are real because I am sure I am close to my break through… Don’t give up on me… 🙂

Someone believes in me enough to feature Mrs. Clark Gent on her blog. I want to give a big thank you to CHRONICLES OF A FATSHIONISTA for being amazing. Check out my interview here. 🙂


Ya’ll, God has something great in store for is own, we just have to be patience while waiting for our angel to arrive. Keep smiling, striving, and strutting, and be sure to let me know when your blessing comes through… Here is one of mine… 🙂

1069966_10152348139810288_155754811_nMy next blessing is in the works and on the way… I will be sure to keep you posted… 🙂

Until next time, kisses and more…

-J. NeKole