Friday Feature: The FAB 5…

Have you ever heard the phrase, “good things come in pairs”? Or maybe, “the 1st place is the best place”?

When it comes to numbers and placements, everyone has there preference on which is the best spot or number, or which is their favorite.

Well, I have come to put an end to the argument. The best placement, spot, reservation, number, etc. is 5, or the 5th.

I mean, I was born on the 5th day of the month, in the 10th (multiple of 5) of the year, in 1990 (another multiple of 5). We will not even discuss me being the “LIVE 5… of my Magnificent line” (a little shoutout to IN Spr. 13) lol. I mean, what else is there to explain.

But just in case you still disagree with me, allow me to introduce to my Friday Feature: The FAB 5

IMG_3554Now they say good things come in pairs, but I think the best things comes in sets of fives…

Instead of throwing together an interview for a Friday Feature, I decided to do something a little different and feature a few of my new beauties.

IMG_3562We are still deciding whether or not it is a blessing or a curse that Mr. Gent is employee at Charlotte Russe. “Shoes are my obsession”, and my love makes it no better. Each time they receive a new shoe he thinks I will like, he immediately lets me know, and next thing I know, there is a bag, a receipt, and a new pair of shoes headed back home with me.

At this point in my life, I own over 100 pairs of shoes, mostly being heels. The first section I browse in a store is the shoe section, and when I go shopping in Charlotte Russe, I am liable to remain in that section for a good 30-45 minutes alone.

Within the last two months, I have acquired 10 new pairs of shoes from the Charlotte, and I just wanted to introduce to my favorite five… Meet my loves: 🙂

IMG_3561 IMG_3557 IMG_3560 IMG_3558 IMG_3559I am in love with each pair of heels you see here. Each serves a different purpose, and can be worn at different events. I have already christened two pair, the others are simply waiting. The outfits and accessories are ready and waiting, were just waiting for an event… lol

Every shoe above came from Charlotte Russe. The most expensive pair (Naya aka The Stripper Heel – Nude and Clear) costed $48.50, and the least expensive pair (Jessica aka SJP – Tomato Red) was found on clearance at an astounding $9.99. The others range somewhere in between, but you can always catch a sale at the Charlotte. Not to mention there shoes are reliable… Take care of them, and you will have them for years.

There is no way I could pick a “favorite” because I have so many. I constantly keep my shoes in rotation, and it is rare that you will see the same heel being worn with in the three weeks of each of each other. I have just been so blessed to be able to acquire such a fantastic shoe collection, and I try to give each an opportunity to be worn.

When I was teaching at Davidson High School, my students (male and female) liked to talk about the shoes I wore. They once told me they look forward to the next day just to see what heels would come clicking down the hall. Many days we had discussions about fashion and shoes, and sometimes even tied it into our lessons… it was our way of connecting… Now that’s what you call a good teacher… lol

I love my shoes, and I take care of them. Many times I chose outfits based on the shoes I want to wear. Try it sometimes… I promise you will find yourself wearing every shoe in your closet… lol…

IMG_3556 IMG_3555It’s the weekend so that means I may be in Mobile with my boos… If you see me, and I have a box of shoes in my hand… Don’t judge… 🙂

Until next time, kisses and more…

-J. NeKole






The Denim Doll…

Has a seasoned individual ever said to you, “Oh, that was the style back in my day”? Or, “Oh, that trend is just making a full circle… We wore that when I was your age…”?

I have heard that expression, or some variation of that for a hot moment now, and honestly, it makes me smile. I LOVE vintage. From the time I was younger, I would look at my mom in pictures and think, “Gosh, she is so stylish..”, and “Her purses and hair are so cool…”.

Now there were those brief moments when I thought, “What the hell is she wearing? Denim on denim? That ain’t cute”. I’ve made fun of my uncle and my sister for wearing what I called a “Jean Suit”, and I have swore on my Dooney that I would NEVER be caught wearing jean/denim top paired with a jean/denim bottom…

Well, I guess you should never say never, because just the other day, I went back on my word… I fell victim to this trend of denim on denim…IMG_2473

Now, I got mad love from strangers when I wore this little fit. From compliments about my entire fit, to compliments on individuals pieces, and even a compliment saying “you look fine in that to be your size” (now that’s an entirely different post lol). You see the thing about fashion is not dressing for others, but dressing for yourself, and making others look.

Not only did I wear this cute little cropped light denim top from Charlotte Russe, but I had on two other shades as well. The flip flops were a bit darker than the top (also from Charlotte Russe), and the jean shorts ($4.99 from Sears) were the darker or all three. I completed my ensemble with a white and gold necklace set (Charlotte Russe lol), my blue box purse (Goodwill), and a hit of orange on the lips. I’ve been working out a little, so I had no problem showing a little skin.  Like I said before, when your comfortable with yourself, show OWT. I promise you, the world will listen.

IMG_2471IMG_2475 IMG_2474 IMG_2472

I’ve been on the hunt for my next piece of denim, and I can’t wait to wear this trend again. I even thought of a name for myself… The Denim Doll.. 🙂 (fyi: Forever 21 and JCPenny have denim on deck… check them out and get on the denim train)

IMG_2479Until next time, kisses and more…

-J. NeKole




The Sunday’s Blues…

How tough is it for you to chose the perfect fit to wear to church???

Well, for me, it takes a great deal of thought. You see, I have this crazy virtue called modesty, and it always seems to take hold of me during particular moments… Sundays happens to be the days when it grips me the tightest. In a simple definition, modesty is defined as “regard for decency of behavior, speech, dress, etc.; free from vanity and boastfulness”.

I wanted to provide my loves with a definition of this virtue for a reason. I claim that I possess it, why not give you its meaning, and allow you to decide if you can see it in the person I am?

I consider myself to be fashionable; knowledgeable of the latest trends and styles; a fashionista. I believe God gives gifts, and I believe he gave me an eye for fashion. He gave me a love for patterns and colors, and blessed me to able to put items together and produce something great. He gave me the gift to look professional when I am in an interview, and sultry when I want to go “out on the town”. I am not boastful, I do not brag. I just live, and INjoy… and wear amazing shoes.

When I woke up Sunday morning, the sky was gray. When I looked out the window, the day looked awfully gloomy, and although I was happy to have awoken to another day, I was a not in the “happy” mood. So as I look through my closet, searching for the perfect dress to wear, I came across a little blue dress.


This dress is one of my favorites. It is one of those dresses that can be used for almost any occasion. This was only my second time wearing it, and we received many compliments. The color was amazing, the fit was perfect, and with the my Mint Green jewelry and Nude Peep-Toe Pumps (both compliments of Charlotte Russe), we had a great outfit.

With all these curves, I have to be cautious of the outfits I wear to certain places. Being comfortable with my body, and conscience of the places I will be, I have learned how to dress for the perfect occasion. It is okay to be sexy, but sometimes, we should be classy. Today, I was a little of both, but hey, don’t blame me, blame these dangerous curves. But no worry, all was done in modesty

I have always loved Sundays because it gives you a chance to dress up… To put on your best when you go to worship. But in the process of us getting all fancy, let us not forget what Sunday is for. In all that we do, we should worship, praise, and thank God… For it is him who allows our blessings to flow.

Check me out with my Sunday’s Blues…IMG_1886 IMG_1885 IMG_1884

And after… a quick run to Wal-Mart…


Until next time, kisses and more….

-J. NeKole