Learning to Walk Before I Run…

How difficult is it for you to commit yourself to a specific task? How many times have you began a new hobby, started off strong, and then slowly found yourself falling back into old habits?

I am surly guilty of getting pumped and excited about beginning a new activity, only to find myself slowly drifting away, letting go of my “so called commitment”. The most common being exercising…

Being a recent college graduate without employment has left me with much time on my hands and a new outlook on life. After filling out numerous employment applications, and receiving multiple notifications broadcasting “position has been filled”, I began to get weary. I got flustered and agitated, and sensitive. But my most recent “rejection” gave me a new perspective on life as a post-graduate… It left me thinking, before I run, I must learn to walk…

IMG_3480So that’s what I decided to do… Walk… And walk I did. Yesterday, I walked 2.30 miles, burned 213 calories all within 45 minutes. How lovely am I? It helped me release some built in flustration, and gave me some “me time” to breathe. To INjoy the beauty of God’s world. To simply live, walk, and think…

Earlier this week, I woke up, got dressed, and headed out of town with the confidence of being hired for a 11th grade history teaching position I was told was available at a particular school. I had said my little prayers, got all my documents together, and I was ready to show this principal that HE needed me on his staff. Needless to say, I never got to “wow” this administrator because I was informed at the front desk, right after I walked in, that the position was filled… My heart was broken…

Those few little words, “the position has been filled” held so much power over my emotions at that time. I was so hurt, so upset, and so broken at that moment. I felt that position was destined for me, and I had claimed it, but reality was, it was gone. Tears swelled in my eyes as I pulled off, and a feeling of defeat began to rise. But all of that disappeared when I had a chance to talk with my love about it… INcouraging words and a pep talk about my greatness got me back to myself, and here I am… Not concentrating on the negative, but moving to be better.

IMG_3478I refused to fill sorry for myself, and I refused to allow that little mishap to get me down. I’m out of my feelings, and striving to be better. I decided that until it is time for me to start teaching, I will refocus my energy. I will continue on my job hunt, yet it will not get me down… I mean I have a teaching position next year… Why complain…

My blog has been a great way to focus my energy. It gives me life lol. I am very dedicated to my baby, and I love posting, and the writing because it is a sense of release for me. It’s my private (yet public lol) chapel, and it helps me each and everyday. So along with blogging, and crafting, I have decided to commit myself to another task… Getting and STAYING fit. Now, I have never been a size four, and I never plan on being a size six because I LOVE my curves. But what I can do is become more toned and defined, and more comfortable with me.

My workout plan is my own, and it is quite simple. I have committed myself to a plan that works for me and my lifestyle. I will be exercising 4 times a week, and each work out will consist of a minimum of 15 minutes of cardio each morning; 20 sit-ups; 20 squats; and 2 additional exercises of choice. Each evening, I will go walking (a minimum of 1 mile), and then return home to do the same routine from that morning. (p.s. I have been using Insanity for my cardio segment… It is something else…)

IMG_3477 IMG_3479I have been feeling REALLY good since I began my workout routine, and it makes me more confident and comfortable with myself. I’m not trying to lose weight, not trying to impress anyone, I am doing somehting for me. I am teaching myself to be dedicated… to filling out more applications, to completing any task, to never giving up even when it is tough… I am teaching myself to slow down, and walk, the time will come for me to show out, and then you will see me run… lol

IMG_3473I would love a work out partner… Don’t you wanna do this with me… lol

Until next time, kisses and more,

-J. NeKole


3 thoughts on “Learning to Walk Before I Run…

  1. Love the workout gear! I have been working out, just to get more toned with my curves as well! I would love to join you! 🙂

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