Don’t DOT Me Out…

Have you ever found yourself drawn to a specific pattern? Like stripes, or tribal, or even the latest trend, the galaxy patterns?

Mr. Gent always jokes and says, “If it has stripes or a bow, there’s a 50% chance that you’ll love it.” He is pretty much right. I love stripes (see here), and I love bows, but lately, I have been dipping and dabbing into all types of patterns including Mr. Gent’s favorite –> Polka Dots

IMG_3459I went on a thrifting adventure last week to help me out of my pitiful funk, and I scored some AWESOME items. I probably should have uploaded the thrifting post first, but when a hott, sexy, handsome, young gentleman paid me a visit, I was inspired to make him smile.

My love LOVES himself some polka dots, and when I sent him the preview pics for this post, he was “IN LOVE”.

IMG_3437This cute little ensemble was inspired directly from my “Prince Charming”. You see, when he talks about what he likes, I listen. I love for my man to compliment me. I love hearing him analyze every little detail to make it make sense.  Let me give you an example of what I mean. He is sure to say something like, “I love how you wore that fuchsia lipstick because it matches the buttons on your blazer and the polish on your toes…” lol. All in all, I love making him smile, flooring him with another great outfit, and this little number achieved the goal.

IMG_3410 IMG_3408 IMG_3452IMG_3456The breakdown of the fit is as follows… Single Sole Black and Silver Pumps ($28.50), Black and White Polka Dot Shirt ($10.00), and Simplicity Pearls ($5.00)Charlotte Russe; Black Sequence Clutch ($3.00), Patent Leather Black Belt ($1.00), and China Glaze White Fingernail Polish ($0.99)Hudson’s Dirt Cheap; and the beauty of the group, the Teal and Blue Polka Dot High Waist SkirtAmerica’s Thrift Store ($1.42).

Circumstances and issues in life are still fighting to get the best of me, but I refuse to give in. With the tests and trials that I have experienced lately, I have come to realize that even the strongest of the bunch are allowed to cry. If I told you my story, you would not believe that I am still able to smile. So how am I able to continue to smile?… My love, he is the best gift God could have blessed me with. D. Wills INcourages me, comforts me, supports me, and assures me that all will be well. God really blessed me with a MAN, and I thank him everyday for delivering me someone who REALLY and TRULY loves me.

You keep asking about a date, so I’ll tell you what Mr. Gent said… In the simplest of terms, he said, “It’s a secret… ;)”… So until the secret is revealed, I will just keep you entertained…. Don’t DOubT me just yet, I have so much more in store…

IMG_3458Oh yea, and a big shout out to my photographer… She really did her thing today… She tends to be extra and complains a great deal, but I can always count on her to come through… That’s my boo… Be sure to follow her on ig –> @_fashionablybombb  You know she has to be on point… She the little sis of Mrs. Gent, so you know I have to look out for her… Ummm just not today tho… lol

IMG_3454IMG_3428Allow me to leave you with one last tip…

Don’t let ANYONE steal your joy… It is a gift from the great one above, and it is specifically for you… Meet those obstacles head on and remember that you can not obtain success without being challenged, so take your challenge and show OWT… I will be waiting to hear your praise report… 🙂

Until next time, Kisses and more…

-J. NeKole





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