Friday Feature: “The Groomed Gentleman” – Country Roots Edition

Are good men hard to find? I mean the ones who open doors, and pick-up the check, and send you flowers “Just Because”. I’m talking about those gentleman who pull out the chair for you to sit down, hold your hand to show everyone your taken, and look you in your eyes when they say, “I love you”. Do they still exist, and if they do, how do they look? Do they dress “old fashion” because of their “old fashion values”, or is it possible to find a young man with all those wonderful values who is interested in fashion and has a style of his own?

Well, I would like to think the answer to this question is yes. But you have to come to the South, and you have to come to Alabama, and you have to check out those with country roots. I know they exist there.

I know one in particular, because I helped to craft his style myself, my love – D. Wills… but I have been led to believe he is not the only one is this league. Allow you to introduce to my Friday Feature: Brandon Johnson.



I have known this young gentleman for years. We both grew up in Jackson, AL (home of the Aggies 🙂 lol) and attended church at Mt. Olive #2 Baptist Church, where we sang our hearts out in the youth choir.

So when I saw this STYLISH young man back at home, sitting in the congregation, looking like he just stepped out of a magazine, I knew I wanted him to be a feature.


It has been a while since I’ve seen Brandon, a couple years if I am not mistaken. He has been off doing his thing and being great. This country rooted southern gentleman refused to be held back by the small, slow life of Jackson, and ventured out to be great. I had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Johnson, and catch up, and he really, REALLY makes me proud.

IMG_2688 IMG_2690 IMG_2692


Brandon is a 2008 graduate of Jackson High School, and since then, he has been striving to be better than average, better than satisfactory, better than original, and I KNOW he has achieved it. He is a graduate of Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, AL where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, and is on track to obtain a Masters degree from Troy University in 2014.  He is currently residing in Birmingham, AL where he is a RETAIL STORE MANAGER for AT&T… Doing BIG things… 🙂

When it comes to fashion, Mr. Johnson considers himself to be stylish, drawing his inspiration from being a leader, and even more, a role model…  (A real Alpha Man) Mr. Johnson is a PROUD member of the Ice Cold Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and admits that becoming a member of such a remarkable organization has “heighten my awareness of ensuring I am always on point, and impeccably dressed daily!”

Brandon takes pride in himself, and it shows. I know his mother must be proud of her son, because his friend sure is. A college graduate, a fraternity man, a leader, a role model, a goal setter, a stylish dresser, and much more, Brandon J. Johnson is what I like to call a “Well Groomed Gentleman”. Well done Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Clark Gent salutes you… 🙂

But ladies, do not get too excited. Let me introduce you to Mr. Johnson’s lady, and she is a jewel as is he…



Meet Ms. Jamia Charles. She is currently attending Stillman College where she will soon be receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. This young lady was such a joy to meet, and a sweetheart too… and do they not look GREAT together??? This… this here is what I love, young black love, with fashion and style…

Best wishes loves, and thank you for being the great, stylish, good looking, kind, funny, loving,  individuals your are…

IMG_2687 IMG_2685 IMG_2684


Until next time, kisses and more…

– J. NeKole



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