The Denim Doll…

Has a seasoned individual ever said to you, “Oh, that was the style back in my day”? Or, “Oh, that trend is just making a full circle… We wore that when I was your age…”?

I have heard that expression, or some variation of that for a hot moment now, and honestly, it makes me smile. I LOVE vintage. From the time I was younger, I would look at my mom in pictures and think, “Gosh, she is so stylish..”, and “Her purses and hair are so cool…”.

Now there were those brief moments when I thought, “What the hell is she wearing? Denim on denim? That ain’t cute”. I’ve made fun of my uncle and my sister for wearing what I called a “Jean Suit”, and I have swore on my Dooney that I would NEVER be caught wearing jean/denim top paired with a jean/denim bottom…

Well, I guess you should never say never, because just the other day, I went back on my word… I fell victim to this trend of denim on denim…IMG_2473

Now, I got mad love from strangers when I wore this little fit. From compliments about my entire fit, to compliments on individuals pieces, and even a compliment saying “you look fine in that to be your size” (now that’s an entirely different post lol). You see the thing about fashion is not dressing for others, but dressing for yourself, and making others look.

Not only did I wear this cute little cropped light denim top from Charlotte Russe, but I had on two other shades as well. The flip flops were a bit darker than the top (also from Charlotte Russe), and the jean shorts ($4.99 from Sears) were the darker or all three. I completed my ensemble with a white and gold necklace set (Charlotte Russe lol), my blue box purse (Goodwill), and a hit of orange on the lips. I’ve been working out a little, so I had no problem showing a little skin.  Like I said before, when your comfortable with yourself, show OWT. I promise you, the world will listen.

IMG_2471IMG_2475 IMG_2474 IMG_2472

I’ve been on the hunt for my next piece of denim, and I can’t wait to wear this trend again. I even thought of a name for myself… The Denim Doll.. 🙂 (fyi: Forever 21 and JCPenny have denim on deck… check them out and get on the denim train)

IMG_2479Until next time, kisses and more…

-J. NeKole





One thought on “The Denim Doll…

  1. Love the denim on denim!
    I also love the fact that you were not afraid to show your curves with a crop top!
    Great post. Keep ’em coming!

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