Thick Girls Wear Stripes Too You Know…

Do you ever get tired of hearing about what you should and should not wear? What is and is not made for your skin tone or body type? What trends, styles, or patterns you should overlook because of your luscious curves?????

Well, I have had enough, and during my brief twenty-two years of living, I have learned a thing or two when it comes to the “dos and don’ts” of fashion.

You see, I have had the honor of being curvaceous my entire life, but it was in the past few years that I learned to really embrace, love, and INjoy the skin I’m in. If my mother never taught me anything (in actuality, she taught me everything I know), she taught me how to be confident in myself, and love me before loving someone else. So that is what I have done… big booty, crooked teeth, dark skin and all… I love, I am IN love, and I am confident with me.

IMG_2114 So just in case one of my readers just happens to be thick, curvy, hefty, plump, luscious, voluptuous, full, etc., I just want you to know that you do not have to be tied down by the rules of fashion or its styles and trends. Once you learn to love yourself and be confident in you, forget the others and all their rules. Your path is your runway, and the daily spectators are your audience. Baby you and your curves rule this world… Just let them know the show has started…

IMG_1985So many times I have heard that bigger girls should not wear neon colors, pastel colors, bright colors, animal prints, mixed patterns, and of course, the infamous stripes. They may as well say we should not wear anything other than black… you know, to be thinner… because they have conditioned us to believe that black makes us look slimmer… lol. But I beg to differ. I think we should wear it all.

So too all of you who look at me funny when I wear a shorter dress to show off these luscious legs and thunder thighs… Or those of you who make the side comments when I walk out the dressing room with prints and patterns covering this work of art.. EAT YOUR HEART OUT… I do it, and I do it well.IMG_1974 IMG_1987

It doesn’t matter the color, nor does it matter the print. What matters is how you feel. Now I am not suggesting for us curvy women to go out and buy everything in our size, nor am I suggesting we conform to every trend and style… I am suggesting you to do what is right for you. Work with work you have, and be a lady while you do it.

Stripes are in this year, so don’t be afraid to wear them. If horizantal stripes make you feel wide, try something vertical or diagonal. If you are not yet comfortable with bright or bolder colors, go with the classy black and white (it’s in full effect right now). Whatever you decide, make it work for you. Fashion is about expression… Show the world what you’re working with… I know I want to see (

Now watch me work… 🙂

IMG_2094 IMG_2112 IMG_2116 IMG_2131Until next time, kisses and more…



5 thoughts on “Thick Girls Wear Stripes Too You Know…

  1. Nice work again! I just wore a lime green, coral & grey striped sundress the other day. (Double doozie!) lol. I wish I had taken pics to share with you & your readers for this great piece. Shoot!

    Xoxo 😉

  2. Love it:) Being from the south, people judge others based on sooo many things, and you talked about one of them! Great post!

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