All Thrifted Everything…

Do you have a guilty pleasure that makes you ecstatic beyond delight?

I do, and it happens to be thrifting. I absolutely love thrift stores.

This past evening I was talking with a friend of mine, and I mentioned my love of thrifting. He, being the male he is, could not understand why. That my loves, was a mistake. It was nothing for me to explain it to him in a matter of seconds just why being a thrift-a-nista was great… I just used the outfit I was wearing… All of it happened to be thrifted…


You see, I specifically put this outfit together for the purpose of this post. I wanted my entire outfit to be items I purchased on my thrift store adventures. The dress, belt, shoes, purse, and pearls are ALL items I purchased at various thrift stores. You can find me in Salvation Army, Good Will Eastern Seals, Plato’s Closet, Dirt Cheap, or the American Thrift Store at least once a week.

This outfit in particular was a mixture. And that is how I explained it to my friend. Follow the conversation, then check out the photos…

Me: Do I look nice?

Him: Of course… You look great, you always do.

Me: Well all the items I have on came from the thrift store. This dress: Good Will for $2.00; the shoes: Salvation Army for $1.20; the belt: Dirt Cheap for $.25; the purse: Good Will for $2.00, and even the pearls: Dirt Cheap for $1.00 each… The total for my outfit comes to be $7.25. And you said I look great.

Him: Well, well, well… Look at you.

Me: Yep… look at me… Now let’s look at you and price you… (*looks at various labels and begins to giggle)

Him: Naw… that’s oka… I get your point.

IMG_1910 IMG_1907 IMG_1917 IMG_1920 IMG_1922Moral of the story, I looked great in my thrift store finds, and I helped a lost soul to understand the magic of thrifting.

Happy Wednesday my loves… Hope it’s a great as you…


Until next time, kisses and more…

-J. NeKole




One thought on “All Thrifted Everything…

  1. I love thrift stores! And you managed to put together a look that I think as a kind of vintage feel to it with your hair pinned up like that. Good Job! Love it.

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