The Sunday’s Blues…

How tough is it for you to chose the perfect fit to wear to church???

Well, for me, it takes a great deal of thought. You see, I have this crazy virtue called modesty, and it always seems to take hold of me during particular moments… Sundays happens to be the days when it grips me the tightest. In a simple definition, modesty is defined as “regard for decency of behavior, speech, dress, etc.; free from vanity and boastfulness”.

I wanted to provide my loves with a definition of this virtue for a reason. I claim that I possess it, why not give you its meaning, and allow you to decide if you can see it in the person I am?

I consider myself to be fashionable; knowledgeable of the latest trends and styles; a fashionista. I believe God gives gifts, and I believe he gave me an eye for fashion. He gave me a love for patterns and colors, and blessed me to able to put items together and produce something great. He gave me the gift to look professional when I am in an interview, and sultry when I want to go “out on the town”. I am not boastful, I do not brag. I just live, and INjoy… and wear amazing shoes.

When I woke up Sunday morning, the sky was gray. When I looked out the window, the day looked awfully gloomy, and although I was happy to have awoken to another day, I was a not in the “happy” mood. So as I look through my closet, searching for the perfect dress to wear, I came across a little blue dress.


This dress is one of my favorites. It is one of those dresses that can be used for almost any occasion. This was only my second time wearing it, and we received many compliments. The color was amazing, the fit was perfect, and with the my Mint Green jewelry and Nude Peep-Toe Pumps (both compliments of Charlotte Russe), we had a great outfit.

With all these curves, I have to be cautious of the outfits I wear to certain places. Being comfortable with my body, and conscience of the places I will be, I have learned how to dress for the perfect occasion. It is okay to be sexy, but sometimes, we should be classy. Today, I was a little of both, but hey, don’t blame me, blame these dangerous curves. But no worry, all was done in modesty

I have always loved Sundays because it gives you a chance to dress up… To put on your best when you go to worship. But in the process of us getting all fancy, let us not forget what Sunday is for. In all that we do, we should worship, praise, and thank God… For it is him who allows our blessings to flow.

Check me out with my Sunday’s Blues…IMG_1886 IMG_1885 IMG_1884

And after… a quick run to Wal-Mart…


Until next time, kisses and more….

-J. NeKole


4 thoughts on “The Sunday’s Blues…

  1. Love it Jas! You are taking to this blogging thing like a ……wait for it…… Duck to water! Keep up the good work, baby girl!

  2. Love it. The blue is good against your skin, but I liked the patterned shirt with the shorts and blue lightweight shoes better! Keep it going.

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