Who Run the World??? DELTA Girls!

Ever wonder why you love those Ladies of Delta?

No worry love. This one time, I will help you with the mystery.

Since my blog is so new to the world, I feel obligated to give you a deeper look into the woman I claim to be. A young poet once performed for me, and he called his performance, “Window to My Soul”. That young gentleman took me places with his words. By the time he performed his final poem, I felt like I knew exactly who he was. I guess what I am saying is that I want to be like him. I want Mrs. Clark Gent to serve as the “window to my soul” for those of you who read it. I want you to get to know me, begin to love me, and share my journey with me. Not just about fashion or love… but about life.

So who is Jasmine, J.NeKole, Mrs. Clark Gent, Holly, Jas, etc.???? Well, she is a BLACK COLLEGE WOMAN. I am a proud graduate of Spring Hill College class of 2013. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education – Social Sciences, and I am certified to teach in the State of Alabama. While attending college, I had many amazing opportunities to participate in clubs, sports, and various organizations. The most amazing, becoming a member of the DYNAMIC, the DEVASTATING, the ULTIMATE Illustrious sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Now since I have a degree in education, let me channel my “teaching flow” and help us all to understand something about the women of Delta Sigma Theta. This year, 2013, we are celebrating our Centennial. 100 Years of “Sisterhood, Scholarship, and Service”. 100 Years of Excellence. 100 Years of Change. And even while we are celebrating, we are still holding strong to our commitment to serving our community, and even the world. We are COMMITTED TO SERVICE. From voter registration to HIV/AIDS Awareness, Delta women are servants. Don’t believe me??? Check this out…


Education Development

I tried to tell you. Delta women are like no other. Educated and beautiful, and of course fashionable. I was blessed to become a member of the sorority through the Iota Nu City-Wide Chapter which is located in Mobile, AL. The chapter is comprised of beautiful and talented women from the three surrounding school, Spring Hill College, University of Mobile, and the University of South Alabama. Chartered April 23, 1972, the chapter has been giving back to the Mobile community for over 41 years.

Now although I have officially moved on to Alumni status, I am IN made. So allow me to give you a glimpse of me and some of my lovely sisters. We always turn heads… πŸ™‚

Alicia Manzie - Spr. 10

Alicia Manzie – Spr. 10

Adrian Johnson - Spr. 11

Adrian Johnson – Spr. 11


Carlshanee’ Palmer – Spr. 12

Sydney Potter - Spr. 13

Sydney Potter – Spr. 13

Now please do not be misled into thinking that these are the only fashionable ladies from my chapter. That my love, is far from true. This is just an appetizer. The best is yet to come.

Before I leave you, let me give you two more…

2012-13 President Holly

2012-13 President Holly

Momma Ashley Modoze and Spr. 13

Momma Ashley Modozie and Spr. 13

And this is why you can not help but love those BEAUTIFUL, EDUCATED, DEDICATED, Delta Girls… πŸ™‚


Until next time, kisses and more…

-J. NeKole




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