Starting Something New…

Is it not a wonderful feeling to find a true inspiration?

My new baby, MRS. CLARK GENT, was born from inspiration. She was inspired by my partner, my love, my man, DeMarco J. Wills, known better in the blogging world as, Clark Gent.

He is the Dooney to my Burke… the Betsy to my Johnson… the Adam to my Eve. Although we are so different, we share many common interest, and the love for fashion happens to be one.

Spring Hill Graduate Love

Spring Hill Graduate Love

Since this is my first post, I will not hold you. Just a brief introduction of who I am, what I love, and why I decided to begin a blogging journey.

I love fashion… My style can not be described because it is constantly changing, evolving with woman I am becoming. Shoes are my obsession, and accessories are my addiction. Colors and prints give me life, and Charlotte Russe and thrift stores are my best friends.


7 Pairs of Heaven


A Taste of the Jewels…

Is it not amazing to find someONE who really inspires you? One person who makes you feel that you can be great beyond belief? One who INcourages, INspires, INfluences you to be better than you are? If not, I send blessings your way in the belief you will. That’s what Mr. Clark Gent has been to me… an INSPIRATION, and I could not be more thankful.

My first post is dedicated to you Mr. Gent, on our 3rd Year Anniversary.

As I end, I will leave you with a few pics to help you get to know me. Don’t fret my loves, there is much more to come. From fashion to crafts, and opinions, features and more. This is just the beginning, and I am already in love.


The Gold Chain Dress


The Delta Girl

Sunday's Best

Sunday’s Best

Until next time, kisses and more…



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