Goodbye Homecoming Queen… Hello Fashion Blog Queen…

Do you have a favorite day of the week… Week of the month… Month of the year…? What about season?

I absolutely LOVE autumn.

One reason would surly be because of my birth month, (October #LibraBaby), but the main reason of why I love the Fall is because of how nature begins to change right before our eyes.

As I drive to work each morning, the scenery is breathtaking. The trees have lost their luscious green leaves, and have been draped with yellows, and oranges, and REDZ… 🙂 The warm evenings have been replaced with chilly nights, and when we make a midnight trip, we are covered with beautiful coats, jackets, and scarves. Browns, burgundies, maroons, golds, oranges, navys, greens, and purples come out of our closets and make their presence known…purple1Autumn brings much more than just cool weather, it brings with it many activities. Fall festivals, fairs, carnivals, and a favorite of mine… Homecoming Celebrations.

Whether it is your former high school, your past college, or your church, you can bet it will be in September, October, or November.

As a recent college graduate, and a newly employed teacher, I was INspired by all of the Homecoming festivities going on, and in the midst of my hectic life, I was able to snap a few pics.  (Disclaimer: I know this post is long overdue, and many Homecomings have passed, but in my defense, my friend’s church is having a Homecoming Celebration this Sunday… So boom… lol… take that)

With no further waiting, I present to you Mrs. Clark Gent… “The FashionBlog Queen”..ppl3ppl4Our 2013 “FashionBlog Queen” is none other that Mrs. Gent herself… She is a 2013 graduate of Spring Hill College, a member of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Inc., and an Economics teacher at Wilcox Central High School. Along with teaching, she is the cheerleader sponsor, as well as a senior class sponsor. In her spare time, she INjoys reading, making arts and crafts, and shopping. Today she is wearing a fitted Purple knee-length dress (JCPenny), paired a pair Black platform strapped heels (Charlotte Russe) and Coral clutch (Target). Accessories include a necklace and earring Pear Set (Mommy) and  Purple and Black feathered hair piece (Dirt Cheap). When asked for a quote, she replied,  “I have arrived…” *In my NeNe Leaks voice… 🙂 Ladies and gents, it is our pleasure to present  Mrs. Clark Gent, your “FashionBlog Queen”.

*takes bow :)

*takes bow 🙂

A Message from the Queen…

Since I began this new journey in life, I’ve found myself becoming closer to God. Daily morning prayers and praise and worship services in my car have become a new habit. At one point in time it was impossible for me to believe that you could have a REAL relationship with God without going to church… But Mr. Wills has began to show me otherwise. It’s great to be able to go to the building, but just be sure that when you go to the building, your praise is REAL…

Continue to be great… Continue to be bold… Continue to be that one who is an inspiration to individuals young, and even old…

Happy Fall my loves…

Until next time, kisses and more…



A New Sense of Pride… Jaguar Pride…

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I am living my dream”?

Every morning, for the past four weeks, I have found myself saying just that.

I use to say, “When I grow up, I want to be a lawyer… I want to be a model… I want to be a professional janitor… I want to be a clown…” (and no, I did not make the last two up… I said both when I was a junior in high school, and I was quite serious)…

What is funny about my list above is that it changed quite often, and went from one extreme to the next. What didn’t change however, was my sincerity about each. If you know me, you know about my commitment and dedication, and whether I wanted to be a clown or a doctor, what you can believe is I would have been the best. Strangely enough, I changed my mind again, and at the age of ____ I am not serving in either of those capacities today, but doing something even better and even more rewarding.

Today I am living a dream I came up with when I was a senior in high school. After being mistreated for reasons I will not name, I decided something needed to be done to help students like me move ahead further than just high school, but on to a place that will help them to reach their dream of choice. I decided I did not want to argue the rest of my life, I did not want to clean the rest of my life, I did not want complain the rest of my life… I wanted to help mold children and change their lives… As a senior in high school, and three months before graduation, I decided I wanted to be an educator…

And here I am, four years later… the most recent Government and Economics teacher at Wilcox Central High School in Camden, AL. IMG_4079 IMG_4078 IMG_4080IMG_4075

I am so thankful to God for the blessings he has given me in life. A great job, new friends, and amazing students who have already made a lasting impact on my life. Each day and night, I ask God to continue blessing me to be an encouragement to my students… To let them see something in me that they admire and seek after themselves. I do more than just teaching… I INcourage, and push, and challenge them to be better. My job is more than just teaching about the three branches of government… It is about creating the leaders of tomorrow… Ask about me… They will tell you…


2013-14 Varsity Squad


2013-14 JV Squad

And I almost forgot… Along with landing a wonderful teaching position months after graduation, I have also been given the opportunity to be the cheerleader coach for the WCHS Jaguars. When I was offered the position, all I could think about was my senior year in high school when I was told I did not make the varsity squad after 5 years of cheering. I thought about the pain and hurt I felt, and how my mom told me that there was something better in store for me… Look at me now… My my my, how things work out… lol… Allow me to introduce you to my squad… They are quite special to me… 🙂 It’s only been a few weeks, but I love these girls with all my heart… I look forward to spending much more time with them and getting to know them… oh yea… go follow us on ig –> @wchs_cheerleaders and we do follow back lol…

One more thing before I go… I was born an Aggie, I graduated a Badger, but now, I must admit, I am a WCHS Jaguar… 🙂


Until next time, kisses and more…

-J. NeKole —- Ms. Holly

Two Times the Blessings…

Have you ever found yourself in such a transition in life that you wondered how you got there? How did you feel? Who is to blame or praise? Are you happy?

Each day I wake up, I thank God for the changes he is making in my life.

In the past few weeks, I have seen him move over my life and I could not be more thankful or grateful… You see, what I have come to understand is that when you reach your “darkest place”, and feelings of defeat, and depression, and sorrow, and hurt, and every other dark feeling begins to rise, it is SURLY time to seek the face of the one who can change ANYTHING  and EVERYTHING.

When I graduated from college in May, I was excited and nervous to dive into the “real world”. With a degree in tow, and a certificate in the mail, I was convinced that it would not be long before I was standing before students and teaching in a classroom. But as the summer continued on, and I submitted multiple applications, and received disappointing news, I found myself becoming a different person… One less excited, less positive, less optimistic, and more grumpy, more impatient, more depressed.

I began getting extremely sensitive, extremely emotional, and although I would hide my feelings, (because I have the best poker face in the world), it was really taking a toll on me. It wasn’t until one Tuesday evening that everything changed…

I was so flustered from things that had happened that day that I decided to take a walk to clear my mind. It was a gray day, drizzling rain sprinkled my path, but I needed to get out the house and clear my head. It was that gray, dreary, rainy day when God began to make changes in my life…

I cried out to him, and told him of my troubles, my despair, and my frustration. I begged for his mercy and grace, and I asked him to show me what he required of me. I made him a personal promise to make changes in my life if he allow his favor to RE-ENTER my life… That day, my life changed…

I named this post “Two Times the Blessings” because the visuals that accompany this post were taken after my blessing. They are filled with joy, and happiness, and they are real… They are not just poses, they are real moments in life… God has been amazing to me, I just could not continue on with not acknowledging that fact… I’ve been covered in his favor… See?.. IMG_3824 IMG_3867No wait… There’s more…

two camo1 one camo2 three closeDifferent days… Different outfits… Different hair… but thank God for the same hope, favor, love, and happiness…

If you haven’t heard, allow me to share my newest blessing…

I HAVE been employed for the 2013-14 school year to teach Government and Economics at a wonderful high school with wonderful staff… (You will have to wait for the next post to find out where… I promise it will not be too long of a wait) ;)…

God is alive, and he’s waiting to hear for you… “There is a blessing… With your name on it… GO CLAIM IT…)

Until next time, kisses and more…

-J. NeKole

also known as MS. HOLLY 🙂

A New Addition: The Wet Seal Family…

As summer winds down, and items are placed on clearance, do you find yourself buying more than expected?

Earlier in the season, my mom suggested I refrain from purchasing any additional pieces of jewelry until the end of summer. Well, I have failed her once again, because these past few weeks, I have found myself yet another store to contribute to my love of jewels… WET SEAL

IMG_3754Now I have never been a big fan of Wet Seal, but after my best friend began working there a while back, I found myself looking around when I went to visit her on her breaks. Each time I went to visit her, I would always look at the shoes and the accessories, and eventually making a purchase to help them make their day… lol. Eventually, I found myself doing the same at other stores. Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, anywhere I saw a Wet Seal. Needless to say, those little weekly individual purchases eventually added up, and check out the new collection to family, all courtesy of Alabama’s Wet Seals stores…

IMG_3761 IMG_3760 IMG_3759 IMG_3758 IMG_3757 IMG_3765What needs to be understood is that I did not purchase all of the beauties at the same time. If that was the case, I probably would be a poor and skinny soul, because that would have taken a chuck out of my finances. Like I mentioned before, this is from weeks of small purchases over the last couple months… A little here, and a little there, and this is what we got.

What is lovely about Wet Seal is that their items are not very expensive, they have sales often, and they sometimes have a nice selection on clearance. Keep your eyes open, and be on the look out for a deal. It may take a little searching, but there there…

As much as I love shopping, I have learned to control my urges. I budget myself, and even set a max amount that could be spent that day. It’s an art, and I believe I have mastered it… 🙂


I’m not in Jackson today, so maybe I will run across a Wet Seal… I got $10 to spend in there today… lol

Until next time, kisses and more…

-J. NeKole




Friday Feature: The FAB 5…

Have you ever heard the phrase, “good things come in pairs”? Or maybe, “the 1st place is the best place”?

When it comes to numbers and placements, everyone has there preference on which is the best spot or number, or which is their favorite.

Well, I have come to put an end to the argument. The best placement, spot, reservation, number, etc. is 5, or the 5th.

I mean, I was born on the 5th day of the month, in the 10th (multiple of 5) of the year, in 1990 (another multiple of 5). We will not even discuss me being the “LIVE 5… of my Magnificent line” (a little shoutout to IN Spr. 13) lol. I mean, what else is there to explain.

But just in case you still disagree with me, allow me to introduce to my Friday Feature: The FAB 5

IMG_3554Now they say good things come in pairs, but I think the best things comes in sets of fives…

Instead of throwing together an interview for a Friday Feature, I decided to do something a little different and feature a few of my new beauties.

IMG_3562We are still deciding whether or not it is a blessing or a curse that Mr. Gent is employee at Charlotte Russe. “Shoes are my obsession”, and my love makes it no better. Each time they receive a new shoe he thinks I will like, he immediately lets me know, and next thing I know, there is a bag, a receipt, and a new pair of shoes headed back home with me.

At this point in my life, I own over 100 pairs of shoes, mostly being heels. The first section I browse in a store is the shoe section, and when I go shopping in Charlotte Russe, I am liable to remain in that section for a good 30-45 minutes alone.

Within the last two months, I have acquired 10 new pairs of shoes from the Charlotte, and I just wanted to introduce to my favorite five… Meet my loves: 🙂

IMG_3561 IMG_3557 IMG_3560 IMG_3558 IMG_3559I am in love with each pair of heels you see here. Each serves a different purpose, and can be worn at different events. I have already christened two pair, the others are simply waiting. The outfits and accessories are ready and waiting, were just waiting for an event… lol

Every shoe above came from Charlotte Russe. The most expensive pair (Naya aka The Stripper Heel – Nude and Clear) costed $48.50, and the least expensive pair (Jessica aka SJP – Tomato Red) was found on clearance at an astounding $9.99. The others range somewhere in between, but you can always catch a sale at the Charlotte. Not to mention there shoes are reliable… Take care of them, and you will have them for years.

There is no way I could pick a “favorite” because I have so many. I constantly keep my shoes in rotation, and it is rare that you will see the same heel being worn with in the three weeks of each of each other. I have just been so blessed to be able to acquire such a fantastic shoe collection, and I try to give each an opportunity to be worn.

When I was teaching at Davidson High School, my students (male and female) liked to talk about the shoes I wore. They once told me they look forward to the next day just to see what heels would come clicking down the hall. Many days we had discussions about fashion and shoes, and sometimes even tied it into our lessons… it was our way of connecting… Now that’s what you call a good teacher… lol

I love my shoes, and I take care of them. Many times I chose outfits based on the shoes I want to wear. Try it sometimes… I promise you will find yourself wearing every shoe in your closet… lol…

IMG_3556 IMG_3555It’s the weekend so that means I may be in Mobile with my boos… If you see me, and I have a box of shoes in my hand… Don’t judge… 🙂

Until next time, kisses and more…

-J. NeKole





Learning to Walk Before I Run…

How difficult is it for you to commit yourself to a specific task? How many times have you began a new hobby, started off strong, and then slowly found yourself falling back into old habits?

I am surly guilty of getting pumped and excited about beginning a new activity, only to find myself slowly drifting away, letting go of my “so called commitment”. The most common being exercising…

Being a recent college graduate without employment has left me with much time on my hands and a new outlook on life. After filling out numerous employment applications, and receiving multiple notifications broadcasting “position has been filled”, I began to get weary. I got flustered and agitated, and sensitive. But my most recent “rejection” gave me a new perspective on life as a post-graduate… It left me thinking, before I run, I must learn to walk…

IMG_3480So that’s what I decided to do… Walk… And walk I did. Yesterday, I walked 2.30 miles, burned 213 calories all within 45 minutes. How lovely am I? It helped me release some built in flustration, and gave me some “me time” to breathe. To INjoy the beauty of God’s world. To simply live, walk, and think…

Earlier this week, I woke up, got dressed, and headed out of town with the confidence of being hired for a 11th grade history teaching position I was told was available at a particular school. I had said my little prayers, got all my documents together, and I was ready to show this principal that HE needed me on his staff. Needless to say, I never got to “wow” this administrator because I was informed at the front desk, right after I walked in, that the position was filled… My heart was broken…

Those few little words, “the position has been filled” held so much power over my emotions at that time. I was so hurt, so upset, and so broken at that moment. I felt that position was destined for me, and I had claimed it, but reality was, it was gone. Tears swelled in my eyes as I pulled off, and a feeling of defeat began to rise. But all of that disappeared when I had a chance to talk with my love about it… INcouraging words and a pep talk about my greatness got me back to myself, and here I am… Not concentrating on the negative, but moving to be better.

IMG_3478I refused to fill sorry for myself, and I refused to allow that little mishap to get me down. I’m out of my feelings, and striving to be better. I decided that until it is time for me to start teaching, I will refocus my energy. I will continue on my job hunt, yet it will not get me down… I mean I have a teaching position next year… Why complain…

My blog has been a great way to focus my energy. It gives me life lol. I am very dedicated to my baby, and I love posting, and the writing because it is a sense of release for me. It’s my private (yet public lol) chapel, and it helps me each and everyday. So along with blogging, and crafting, I have decided to commit myself to another task… Getting and STAYING fit. Now, I have never been a size four, and I never plan on being a size six because I LOVE my curves. But what I can do is become more toned and defined, and more comfortable with me.

My workout plan is my own, and it is quite simple. I have committed myself to a plan that works for me and my lifestyle. I will be exercising 4 times a week, and each work out will consist of a minimum of 15 minutes of cardio each morning; 20 sit-ups; 20 squats; and 2 additional exercises of choice. Each evening, I will go walking (a minimum of 1 mile), and then return home to do the same routine from that morning. (p.s. I have been using Insanity for my cardio segment… It is something else…)

IMG_3477 IMG_3479I have been feeling REALLY good since I began my workout routine, and it makes me more confident and comfortable with myself. I’m not trying to lose weight, not trying to impress anyone, I am doing somehting for me. I am teaching myself to be dedicated… to filling out more applications, to completing any task, to never giving up even when it is tough… I am teaching myself to slow down, and walk, the time will come for me to show out, and then you will see me run… lol

IMG_3473I would love a work out partner… Don’t you wanna do this with me… lol

Until next time, kisses and more,

-J. NeKole

Don’t DOT Me Out…

Have you ever found yourself drawn to a specific pattern? Like stripes, or tribal, or even the latest trend, the galaxy patterns?

Mr. Gent always jokes and says, “If it has stripes or a bow, there’s a 50% chance that you’ll love it.” He is pretty much right. I love stripes (see here), and I love bows, but lately, I have been dipping and dabbing into all types of patterns including Mr. Gent’s favorite –> Polka Dots

IMG_3459I went on a thrifting adventure last week to help me out of my pitiful funk, and I scored some AWESOME items. I probably should have uploaded the thrifting post first, but when a hott, sexy, handsome, young gentleman paid me a visit, I was inspired to make him smile.

My love LOVES himself some polka dots, and when I sent him the preview pics for this post, he was “IN LOVE”.

IMG_3437This cute little ensemble was inspired directly from my “Prince Charming”. You see, when he talks about what he likes, I listen. I love for my man to compliment me. I love hearing him analyze every little detail to make it make sense.  Let me give you an example of what I mean. He is sure to say something like, “I love how you wore that fuchsia lipstick because it matches the buttons on your blazer and the polish on your toes…” lol. All in all, I love making him smile, flooring him with another great outfit, and this little number achieved the goal.

IMG_3410 IMG_3408 IMG_3452IMG_3456The breakdown of the fit is as follows… Single Sole Black and Silver Pumps ($28.50), Black and White Polka Dot Shirt ($10.00), and Simplicity Pearls ($5.00)Charlotte Russe; Black Sequence Clutch ($3.00), Patent Leather Black Belt ($1.00), and China Glaze White Fingernail Polish ($0.99)Hudson’s Dirt Cheap; and the beauty of the group, the Teal and Blue Polka Dot High Waist SkirtAmerica’s Thrift Store ($1.42).

Circumstances and issues in life are still fighting to get the best of me, but I refuse to give in. With the tests and trials that I have experienced lately, I have come to realize that even the strongest of the bunch are allowed to cry. If I told you my story, you would not believe that I am still able to smile. So how am I able to continue to smile?… My love, he is the best gift God could have blessed me with. D. Wills INcourages me, comforts me, supports me, and assures me that all will be well. God really blessed me with a MAN, and I thank him everyday for delivering me someone who REALLY and TRULY loves me.

You keep asking about a date, so I’ll tell you what Mr. Gent said… In the simplest of terms, he said, “It’s a secret… ;)”… So until the secret is revealed, I will just keep you entertained…. Don’t DOubT me just yet, I have so much more in store…

IMG_3458Oh yea, and a big shout out to my photographer… She really did her thing today… She tends to be extra and complains a great deal, but I can always count on her to come through… That’s my boo… Be sure to follow her on ig –> @_fashionablybombb  You know she has to be on point… She the little sis of Mrs. Gent, so you know I have to look out for her… Ummm just not today tho… lol

IMG_3454IMG_3428Allow me to leave you with one last tip…

Don’t let ANYONE steal your joy… It is a gift from the great one above, and it is specifically for you… Meet those obstacles head on and remember that you can not obtain success without being challenged, so take your challenge and show OWT… I will be waiting to hear your praise report… 🙂

Until next time, Kisses and more…

-J. NeKole




Plum Passion…

From where do you draw your inspiration for dressing?

Maybe nature? Magazines? Celebrities? I find my inspiration for fashion everywhere, and recently, while eating a delicious, juicy, purple plum, I felt the urge to play with the different shades of my favorite color.


Every since I was a little girl, purple has been my favorite color. Do I have a grand explanation of why???? No, not at all, I’ve just always loved the richness of the color. Whether it is lavender, egg plant, violet, or orchid, I am simply in love with the color. It may have something to do with the “Purple is a symbol of Royalty” thing…. We all know I am a Queen… drama queen maybe, but a Queen none the less…  🙂

Purple Lady 2 Purple Lady 1

IMG_20130709_175619 IMG_20130709_175554

Life has been kicking my butt lately, but I have not loss my faith. My drive, determination, and will to be great is still alive, and each day I continue to be INcouraged. I say that to say I have not forgot about my blog, and although I’ve been neglecting it, that ends today. The smile in these photos are real because I am sure I am close to my break through… Don’t give up on me… 🙂

Someone believes in me enough to feature Mrs. Clark Gent on her blog. I want to give a big thank you to CHRONICLES OF A FATSHIONISTA for being amazing. Check out my interview here. 🙂


Ya’ll, God has something great in store for is own, we just have to be patience while waiting for our angel to arrive. Keep smiling, striving, and strutting, and be sure to let me know when your blessing comes through… Here is one of mine… 🙂

1069966_10152348139810288_155754811_nMy next blessing is in the works and on the way… I will be sure to keep you posted… 🙂

Until next time, kisses and more…

-J. NeKole



Friday Feature: “The Groomed Gentleman” – Country Roots Edition

Are good men hard to find? I mean the ones who open doors, and pick-up the check, and send you flowers “Just Because”. I’m talking about those gentleman who pull out the chair for you to sit down, hold your hand to show everyone your taken, and look you in your eyes when they say, “I love you”. Do they still exist, and if they do, how do they look? Do they dress “old fashion” because of their “old fashion values”, or is it possible to find a young man with all those wonderful values who is interested in fashion and has a style of his own?

Well, I would like to think the answer to this question is yes. But you have to come to the South, and you have to come to Alabama, and you have to check out those with country roots. I know they exist there.

I know one in particular, because I helped to craft his style myself, my love – D. Wills… but I have been led to believe he is not the only one is this league. Allow you to introduce to my Friday Feature: Brandon Johnson.



I have known this young gentleman for years. We both grew up in Jackson, AL (home of the Aggies 🙂 lol) and attended church at Mt. Olive #2 Baptist Church, where we sang our hearts out in the youth choir.

So when I saw this STYLISH young man back at home, sitting in the congregation, looking like he just stepped out of a magazine, I knew I wanted him to be a feature.


It has been a while since I’ve seen Brandon, a couple years if I am not mistaken. He has been off doing his thing and being great. This country rooted southern gentleman refused to be held back by the small, slow life of Jackson, and ventured out to be great. I had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Johnson, and catch up, and he really, REALLY makes me proud.

IMG_2688 IMG_2690 IMG_2692


Brandon is a 2008 graduate of Jackson High School, and since then, he has been striving to be better than average, better than satisfactory, better than original, and I KNOW he has achieved it. He is a graduate of Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, AL where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, and is on track to obtain a Masters degree from Troy University in 2014.  He is currently residing in Birmingham, AL where he is a RETAIL STORE MANAGER for AT&T… Doing BIG things… 🙂

When it comes to fashion, Mr. Johnson considers himself to be stylish, drawing his inspiration from being a leader, and even more, a role model…  (A real Alpha Man) Mr. Johnson is a PROUD member of the Ice Cold Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and admits that becoming a member of such a remarkable organization has “heighten my awareness of ensuring I am always on point, and impeccably dressed daily!”

Brandon takes pride in himself, and it shows. I know his mother must be proud of her son, because his friend sure is. A college graduate, a fraternity man, a leader, a role model, a goal setter, a stylish dresser, and much more, Brandon J. Johnson is what I like to call a “Well Groomed Gentleman”. Well done Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Clark Gent salutes you… 🙂

But ladies, do not get too excited. Let me introduce you to Mr. Johnson’s lady, and she is a jewel as is he…



Meet Ms. Jamia Charles. She is currently attending Stillman College where she will soon be receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. This young lady was such a joy to meet, and a sweetheart too… and do they not look GREAT together??? This… this here is what I love, young black love, with fashion and style…

Best wishes loves, and thank you for being the great, stylish, good looking, kind, funny, loving,  individuals your are…

IMG_2687 IMG_2685 IMG_2684


Until next time, kisses and more…

– J. NeKole


Rainy Days = Re-JEWEL-ization

Do you have an addiction?

When you think of the word “addiction”, negative associations usually come to mind. You know, like drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, etc. … But what about those addictions that are not so bad? Like a shoe addiction, a sweet addiction, or my personal, ACCESSORIES ADDICTION.

I often talk about how I love fashion. I love dressing up, I love mixing patterns, and I love matching colors. But my fashion is NOTHING without my accessories.

In my very first post, I wrote: “Shoes are my obsession, and accessories are my addiction”. I do not think that I have ever made a more true statement. I have so many posts waiting for you, and I think you may be a little jealous when you see some of my favorite items. 🙂

Yesterday, Jackson had a rainy day. Actually, that’s an understatement. It didn’t rain, it poured. Since there was nothing to do but sit around the house, I decided to re-organize my jewelry… Check out the task I had on my hands…IMG_3083Is it true that I have too much jewelry? OF COURSE NOT. If that is case, you can just shoot me now because I will NEVER let go of this bad habit. Between shoes, purses, belts, and jewelry, I have sealed the fate of my finances. I tell my boo, (and those who want to be my boo), that they must be able to support my habit. Mr. Clark Gent has yet to have a problem… and God bless the man who comes after him… He would have HUGE shoes to fill.

So this is how I spend my entire evening. Separating my necklaces and earrings; matching pieces together, and bagging everything up. Good help is hard to find, and when my cunning sister just up and left me, I was forced to complete the task alone. 1 BODY CHAIN, 3 BROACHES, 7 WATCHES, 22  RINGS, 57 NECKLACES, 112 BRACELETS, 121 EARRINGS and 5 hours later, I finished organizing my jewelry.

IMG_3084 IMG_3085 IMG_3086 IMG_3082

My mom said I should refrain from purchasing an additional piece of jewelry until the end of the summer. I honestly do not think I can do that. Between Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Dirt Cheap and Cato’s (surprisingly), beautiful jewels, I can not stay away. Take a look at a three of my favorite pieces, and be on the look out for a full post dedicated to different pieces of jewelry…


Orange and Gold Statement Necklace (Cato’s)


Gold Plate Earrings (Charlotte Russe)


Pink Paradise Betsy Johnson Watch (Belk)

And look at this mess I found while uploading pictures…

I told y’all good help is hard to find… lol… She could not stay to help, but could come back to take pics… #tragedy

Before I go, I want to take our relationship to the next level. You’ve seen me at my best, now let’s see if you’ll stay with me during my ratchet moments…
There, I’ve given you all of me. Can you still love me on the rainy days???? 🙂

Until next time, kisses and more…

-J. NeKole